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Welcome to Central Roccaraso Hotels where you will find the best prices for hotels near Central Roccaraso.

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Central Roccaraso Hotels


73 EUR Book Now
Grande Albergo

Via Roma 21, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 7.8 / 10

Map | Directions

0.12 km / 0.08 mi from Central Roccaraso


86 EUR Book Now
Hotel Excelsior

Via Roma 27, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 8.5 / 10

Map | Directions

0.12 km / 0.07 mi from Central Roccaraso


102 EUR Book Now
Hotel Tiffany's

Via Roma 48, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 8 / 10

Map | Directions

0.12 km / 0.08 mi from Central Roccaraso


81 EUR Book Now
Hotel Iris

Viale Iris 5, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 8.2 / 10

Map | Directions

0.17 km / 0.11 mi from Central Roccaraso


71 EUR Book Now
B&B Villa Fiorita

Via Stazione 3, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 9.9 / 10

Map | Directions

0.2 km / 0.13 mi from Central Roccaraso


76 EUR Book Now
I Narcisi

Via Prato 7, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 9.1 / 10

Map | Directions

0.18 km / 0.11 mi from Central Roccaraso


71 EUR Book Now
Hotel Sporting

Via Claudio Mori 5, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 8 / 10

Map | Directions

0.24 km / 0.15 mi from Central Roccaraso


85 EUR Book Now
B&B Villa Delle Rose

Viottolo Degli Sciatori 21, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 9.3 / 10

Map | Directions

0.24 km / 0.15 mi from Central Roccaraso


108 EUR Book Now
Hotel Trieste

Via Claudio Mori 15, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.26 km / 0.16 mi from Central Roccaraso


89 EUR Book Now
Hotel Petite Fleur

Viale Dello Sport 5c, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 9.1 / 10

Map | Directions

0.28 km / 0.18 mi from Central Roccaraso


91 EUR Book Now
Monolocale Pulsatilla

Via Dei Villini 8, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 9.1 / 10

Map | Directions

0.24 km / 0.15 mi from Central Roccaraso


60 EUR Book Now
Residenza dei Maestri

Via Circonvallazione 4, Roccaraso,


Guest Score: 7.3 / 10

Map | Directions

0.27 km / 0.17 mi from Central Roccaraso

About Roccaraso (Comune di Roccaraso,Abruzzo), Italy

Roccaraso is a relatively small town and commune, of the province of L'Aquila, which is the largest, and least densely populated province of the Abruzzo region of central Italy.

It is one of the most renowned mountain resort in central and southern Italy and one of the best equipped ski resorts in the area. It is a popular winter destination for tourists all over the region and the world, but it is just as pleasant during the summer, when it is possible for visitors to admire the charming woods of the Majella National Park and the gorgeous landscapes.

The Province of L'Aquila, within which Roccaraso is comprised, is home to Europe's southernmost glacier, the Calderone, and has the highest mountains of the Apennines, which are Gran Sasso, Maiella and Velino-Sirente, their highest peak, Corno Grande, and the high plain of Campo Imperatore, offering breathtaking views that make fantastic photos.

Also offering unforgettable outdoor experiences there are the province's major rivers, which are the Aterno-Pescara, Liri, Sangro, Salto, and the Turano, as well as its major lakes, which are Lago Scanno and Lago Barrea.

With over 850 m of vertical and 60 km of skiing runs, Roccaraso is one of the largest Italian resorts outside the Alps, also offering a vast network of cross-country routes.

In addition to Roccaraso, ski enthusiasts can also try the ski resorts of Rivisondoli, Pescocostanzo and Pescasseroli, which are all within easy reach.

Besides skiing, Roccaraso visitors can also enjoy numerous leisure facilities, that range from ice skating and hockey rinks to indoor swimming pools, bowling pitches and cinemas, the town offering something for every preference and mood, plus, the town's main shopping streets are bursting with bars, boutiques, and restaurants serving typical cuisine of the Abruzzo.

There are plenty wonderful places to explore in L'Aquila, Abruzzo National Park being one of them, the province boasting several natural treasures such as part of the Maiella National Park, with Mount Amaro, the second highest mountain of the Apennine, and the Sirente-Velino Regional Park, with the Aterno river, regarded as the coldest in Italy.

For example, Sulmona, which is the hometown of the Latin poet Ovidio, is very rich in monuments and works of art, being renowned for its typical confetti - sugared almond confections and the thriving handicrafts industry.

Castel di Sangro, which on the southern border of the province, is not to be overlooked, when sightseeing in the region, this 13th century architectonic jewel being a real treat for the eyes.

Other major people-drawers in the area include ruins of ancient pagan temples together with Roman settlements, S.Pietro Church in Alba Fucens, S. Maria in valle Porclaneta Church in Rosciolo, at the foot of Mount Velino, S.Maria and S. Pellegrino monumental complex in Bominaco, and Cathedral of S. Pelino in Corfino, among many other.

Less said, Roccaraso, along with the whole province of L'Aquila, are a delight for adventure-loving visitors and for ski passionate people, the area boasting numerous appealing attractions and wonderful places just waiting to be discovered and admired once again.

Roccaraso, Italy Attractions

It is enough for Roccaraso to be named an attraction on its own, thanks to the gorgeous, breathtaking mountain surroundings, which are spectacular during both summer and winter, but there's plenty more to discover in L'Aquila province, to be able to say that visiting this hidden treasure on earth is an experience like none other.

Among the most popular attractions in L'Aquila province, there are:

Majella National Park

Majella National Park is an extraordinary example of untouched mountainous wilderness in the heart of the Apennine mountains. It could be named heaven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, given that two thirds of the county's entire flora and fauna can be found here.

The park is home to Italy's most famous legendary animal, the Appenine wolf, the emblem of the national park, including many other among which we also find otters and owls, best observed at night.

The parks is as spectacular underground as it is on the surface. Underground, a vast labyrinth of limestone caves can be seen, most of which were used by man since the Prehistoric Age, spreading out with bizarre rock formations and carvings by cavemen, offering visitors amazing views.

Only one word can describe this fantastic natural treasure - "Spectacular".

Sirente-Velino Regional Park

While not as high as Majella or Gran Sasso, but there are just as many points of interest in the Velino and Sirente massifs. The park was instituted in 1989, and covers an areas of more than 50 000 hectares.

The flora found here features rare species such as the Apennine cinquefoil, campanula Cavolini, linnean diripide, and allium lineare, and the list of "residents" includes the Apennine wolf, roe deer, the brown Marsica bear, deer, fox, porcupine, wild cat and boar, as well as many other small mammals.

Castello di Giuliopodi

Castello di Giuliopodi can be found in Giuliopoli, piazza Pellegrini, and, it is the former home of don Vincenzo Pellegrini, Count of Timbriade. Although time has passed, the castle still conserves most of its original appereance, including the original stone walls in the basement salon, and the main façade, representing a friendly mix of style and time.

To compliment the castle, there is a fantastic large garden and a small swimming pool.

"Zompo lo Schioppo" Natural Reserve

It is home to the most scenic and most fantastic waterfall of the Apennine. The interesting things about this is that, waterfalls are actually rare in the mountains of Abruzzo, due to the fact that it is a limestone area, subject to extensive Karstic phenomena, meaning that even at high altitude drag water down to the substrata, the name of "zompo" actually meaning "leap" or "fall".

This beautiful natural spot is set in a fantastic landscape, at the foot of the lovely Viglio and Crepacuore beech woods, the best time to visit being during the spring, when the melting snow increases the water capacity, making the falls absolutely spectacular.

Other major attractions in the region near Roccaraso include nearby Suloma town, the birthplace of Latin poet Ovidio, boasting numerous monuments and works of art, Tagliacotto, situated on the slopes of Mount Bove, renowned for its ancient noble residences, and the town of Scanno, which is known for its lake and the famous Sagittario and Aterno gorges, among other.

Roccaroso, Italy Transportation

The closest airport to Roccaraso is Aquino Airport, which is about 50 km away.

The train station can be found on the outskirts of town.

There are many buses in the region, which run between large cities, also stopping in villages and towns.

Given that the Abruzzo region is mainly rural and surrounded by parkland, depending on preference, the best ways to get around are either by car or by foot.

There are 2 bus systems that run in L'Aquila: blue ARPA regional buses and orange municipal buses. There are also yellow municipal buses which stop at AMA markers and serve surrounding towns and sights.

Some taxi services are also available at the bus stops.