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Central Prague Hotels


29 EUR Book Now
Hotel Claris

Slezska 26, Prague,


Guest Score: 7.7 / 10

Map | Directions

0.24 km / 0.15 mi from Central Prague


89 EUR Book Now
City apartment Slezská

11 Slezska, Prague,


Guest Score: 10 / 10

Map | Directions

0.26 km / 0.16 mi from Central Prague


48 EUR Book Now
Prague Saints Apartments

KorunnÍ 24, Prague,


Guest Score: 8.7 / 10

Map | Directions

0.36 km / 0.23 mi from Central Prague


53 EUR Book Now

Polská 5, Prague,


Guest Score: 8.2 / 10

Map | Directions

0.25 km / 0.16 mi from Central Prague


62 EUR Book Now
Anna Hotel

Budecska 17, Prague,


Guest Score: 8.6 / 10

Map | Directions

0.42 km / 0.26 mi from Central Prague


67 EUR Book Now
La Fenice

Vinohradska 83, Prague,


Guest Score: 8 / 10

Map | Directions

0.32 km / 0.2 mi from Central Prague


43 EUR Book Now
Silent Flat In Vinohrady

52 Polska, Prague,


Guest Score: 6.8 / 10

Map | Directions

0.3 km / 0.19 mi from Central Prague


76 USD Book Now
Green Oasis Wenceslas Square Apartments

Na Smetance 22, Prague,


Guest Score: 8.7 / 10

Map | Directions

0.32 km / 0.2 mi from Central Prague


66 EUR Book Now
Zizkov Tower 2

Borivojova 103, Prague,


Guest Score: 9 / 10

Map | Directions

0.46 km / 0.29 mi from Central Prague


45 EUR Book Now
Ea Hotel Tosca

Blanicka 10, Prague,


Guest Score: 8 / 10

Map | Directions

0.46 km / 0.28 mi from Central Prague


57 EUR Book Now
Hostel One Miru

Slezska 1357/1, Prague,


Guest Score: 9.4 / 10

Map | Directions

0.42 km / 0.26 mi from Central Prague


47 USD Book Now
Apartments Luzicka

Luzicka 25, Prague,


Guest Score: 0 / 10

Map | Directions

0.57 km / 0.36 mi from Central Prague

About Prague and Prague City Center

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, and it is famous for boasting thousands of major museums, galleries, cinemas, theatres and countless other such appealing cultural and entertaining attractions.

Perhaps, the most appealing area in Prague, for visitors, is the central area, characterised by winding alleys and constructions of all architectural styles, featuring Baroque and Renaissance palaces, Romanesque rotundas, Gothic cathedrals, Art Nouveau, Classicist, Cubist and Functionalist houses and modern buildings.

Prague is one of the largest cities in Central Europe, and it is also one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations, which has plenty to do with the fact that it has so many cultural attractions, ranging from castles to churches, and from museums to galleries, offering something for everyone. It was one of the nine cities awarded by the European Community the title of European City of Culture for the year 2000, today still claiming to be one of Europe's cultural centres.

However, Prague is not all about cultural attractions. It is also famous for the Bohemian Beer, which is certainly appreciated by many tourists, as well as for the fact that it is a multi-faceted city, being divided into several districts, each with its own "personality", giving visitors a glimpse into Prague's past "lives", including into the era of Baroque Prague, Contemporary Prague, and Jewish Prague.

Although, also renowed for other things, first of all, Prague is a unique collection of historical monuments dominated by the Prague Castle, as well a mix of cultural attractions that delight visitors, displaying all artistic styles and movements, offering visitors a mesmerizing sightseeing experience.

Among the top things to do in Prague, there are:

- visiting some of the local cultural attractions;

- taking a walk up Wenceslas Square;

- visiting some famous traditional Czech pubs;

- renting a rowing boat or pedalo on the Vltava river;

- enjoying spa treatments or Thai a massage;

- go shopping;

- spend a day at the zoo;

Fun & Interesting Facts about Prague & Czech Republic

- the first sugar cubes were made in the Czech town of Dacice in 1841;

- the word "robot" is supposed to be Czech, due to the fact that it was first used in a drama written by Czech playwright and journalist Karel Capek called R. U. R. (it turns out that his brother came up with it);

- the Infant Jesus of Prague is one of the oldest and most revered images of Jesus;

- the Czech Republic has the largest network of signposted footpaths in the world;

What not to definitely miss, when in Prague?

Make sure to taste the fabulous Czech beer. Bottoms up!


If you are travelling by plane, you should know that Prague has an international airport called Ruzyne, which is located quite close to the city center, at about 15 km northwest. To get to the city center by car, it will probably take you 30 minutes or even 40 minutes in rush hours.

Once you get off the plane, there are several transportation options you can choose from. There are the shuttle companies, the taxies and the public transportation which is the cheapest, but also really clean and reliable. However, if you are tired after your flight or have a lot of baggage, then you should choose a taxi or other service than the subway or buses.


By Car

Just like many other big or crowded cities in Europe, Prague can also be a real challenge if you choose to drive inside the city, especially downtown. Anyway, if you still want to take your car in Prague, you should know that there are three big parking zones in the city canter, where you can leave your car, but be careful what you leave in it because car burglary and theft are quite frequent.

If you enter the city by car, but decided to take the public transportation to the city center or just walk, then you can leave your car in a guarded Park & Ride, for a very small fee of about 0.30 EUR for one day. So, think twice before driving to Prague city center or around it and for your own comfort, choose an easier option.

By Tram

The rail network is quite developed in Prague, covering a large area of the city, with about 500 km of tracks. Trams run daily from early morning, starting with 4.30 a.m. until midnight, every 8 or 10 minutes. There are also night trams that run every 40 minutes, from 00.30 a.m. to 4.30 a.m.

If you are planning a city tour, you can take tram 22 that passes by the National Theater to Belveder, Prague Castle and Pohorelec, offering amazing views across its route.

A special historic tram is the tram 91 which operates on weekends and holidays from April to November, and will take you through the city center.

By Bus

The city buses usually cover the surroundings of Prague and they are probably the best connection between the airport and the Dejvicka metro station.

By Foot

Welcome to Prague, on foot! You should not forget that Prague is a historic city, with a large number of sights and buildings to visit, and the city center is mostly a pedestrian zone, so walking would be the best option for you. Besides the benefits of a long, relaxing walk for your health and mind, visiting the city on foot will offer you the greatest experience ever!

Have a Piece of Bohemia's History by
Travelling to Prague, Czech Republic

It's a city which is home to almost two million residents. It is the capital of the Czech Republic, and is one of the largest cities in Central Europe. More importantly, it has served as the center of the historic Bohemian region for centuries. All these descriptions refer to none other than Prague in Czech Republic. Read on to find out more about the city, the country which Prague is home to, and which places are considered to be a must-visit here.

Why It Pays to Visit Prague

Before learning more about what makes Prague tick as a city, let us first dish out some tips on how you can plan your trip here. The best months of the year to fly to the Czech Republic is from June to August, which is when the weather is at its best. You won't have to worry about packing an umbrella or winter clothes, and you can enjoy the sights unhampered. Next, make sure to book a hotel in central Prague. When you find a hotel in central Prague, you can rest assured that all the major sightseeing destinations are easily accessible. As a result, you can save a lot of money on transportation expenses.

Now, what are the can't-miss tourist attractions here? To learn more about the history of the city and Czech Republic in general, you can go museum-hopping. Some of the most popular museums in Prague include:

- Mozart Museum
- Mucha Museum
- National Museum

One of the most interesting exhibitions in these museums is the Slav Epic collection at the Mucha Museum. Alfons Maria Mucha was a painter in Prague who was born in 1860. The Slav Epic includes twenty paintings which showcase the history and struggles of the Slav people.

Still part of learning about Prague is booking an extraordinary river cruise where you can enjoy a romantic, sumptuous feast while basking in the sight of the beautiful city. Of course, there are also the typical tourist destinations in the city which include Prague Castle and Old Town. Old Town is a 13th century series of streets which serve as a living, breathing museum. Some of the highlights include the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Astronomical Clock and the Municipal House.

Finally, the romantic Prague Castle has its history dating back to the 9th century. Dubbed as the largest castle in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, the floor area of the castle is about 70,000 square meters and has several Gothic-style buildings, palaces and cathedrals. As you can see, there are plenty of things to do and places to see in Prague, making it a must-stop city in every European vacation itinerary.